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Our calendar offers a great deal of information and viewing flexibility.  Entries on the calendar are colored-coded to differentiate various facets of our organization.  Mouseover them to see more information.  Click on one of the six colored rectangles below to limit events shown or to view all.  Prefer to see dates in list form?  Click the appropriate 'view' option.  Scroll through months by clicking the arrows to the left and right of the open month or jump quickly back and forth to particular months via the dropdown lists below the rectangular, colored filter buttons.  Each month may be printed individually by clicking 'Print This Page.'  

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Raising a Reader, An Event for All Escuela Parents

Nov. 21, 5:30 pm

Part 1 (5:30-6:15): A workshop for parents who want to create a home environment of reading readiness and to provide support for early readers.
Dr. Kepesh will describe the stages of pre-reading and early reading, will provide tips on how to read with your child, which language games will support reading readiness, how to help a child practice and deepen reading skills, and will also describe how to know if your child is on track.

For parents of children who are not able to read independently (including infants and toddlers).

Part 2 (6:30-7:15): A workshop for parents who want to support their child who is nearing reading independence or already reading well - even your teenagers!
Dr. Kepesh will describe how to support a child into reading independence, how to choose reading material that will keep your child engaged, how to help your children use reading to build vocabulary, thinking skills and writing skills, and how to create a home reading environment for families with children at different stages.  

Complimentary childcare is available with a pizza dinner ($5 suggested donation).  Please email Amanda at or respond to your Evite to register for childcare.

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