Primary and Toddler Summer Camps Begin
Jun. 5, 8:00 am

Escuela's teachers combine excellent training, strong academic qualifications and experience with warmth, openness, and a strong respect for children and their parents. Our lead teachers have their Montessori training through either the American Montessori Society (AMS) or the Association Montessori International (AMI).

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Elementary - Garden Guide

Ms. Juli has been at Escuela del Sol, wearing different hats, since 2000. That year she attended the National Center for Montessori Education in White Rock, NM and she worked as an assistant teacher with Ms. Dana from 2000-2003. For the seven years prior to this, Ms. Juli worked primarily as a pre-school teacher; she also has experience with infants and toddlers and for two years worked as a assistant teacher in our Toddler Extended Day program. 

Starting in 2009, Ms. Juli became Escuela’s Garden Guide. In this role she creates and involves children in our Outdoor Classroom--for nature walks, lessons in practical life and care-giving, relaxation and celebration. The orchard, herb garden, habitat, vegetable boxes, landscapes, and chicken coop also provide materials and inspiration for scientific experiments and research, cooking, music, and art projects.  Ms. Juli majored in Soil Science at New Mexico State University and continued her studies at the Land Institute (Kansas) and the Permaculture Drylands Institute.  She is a trained Master Composter and is Escuela’s Resource Recovery Ranger (cheerleader for waste separation and recycling). Ms. Juli received a Whole Kids Foundation Garden Grant in 2014 to fund the installation of a large-scale rainwater harvesting project to supplement irrigation of our vegetable boxes. 

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