Montessori Journey, Part I
Oct. 19, 5:00 pm

The Silent Journey
(Part II is tomorrow, October 20.)

5-6 p.m.



Discipline will include positive guidance, redirection, and the setting of clear limits that foster the child’s own ability to become self-disciplined.

Disciplinary practices will be designed to encourage the child to be fair, to respect persons and property, and to assume personal responsibility and responsibility for others.

Behavioral Expectations 

If a child frequently behaves in an unacceptable manner, teachers will consult with the Head of School and with the child’s parents.  If necessary, the school will suspend a student for up to three days at a time. More extreme measures (disenrollment) may be taken if the student and his/her parents are unable to work with the school to resolve behavioral issues successfully.

Behavior may reflect a need for counseling or educational/psychological screening.  Parents are expected to work with faculty for the child's best interest.  This may include hiring an outside consultant to work with the family and school.


Student records, family situations, medical history, children's school performance, behavior, etc. are private and confidential information. Teachers will never discuss a child with anyone other than that child's own parent(s) / guardian (s) unless written consent to do so has been given by those parents(s)/guardian(s); or when consulting with another staff member or administrator.

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