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Escuela del Sol Montessori was founded in 1968. Families of the school who volunteered their time and efforts formed a Board of Directors, which ran the school for its first decade.

The school was located in the University area until 1980 when the building that housed Escuela was sold. With the help of Brother Mathias, a new home was found near Old Town. The buildings were renovated and a new program was started with Ms. Friedje vanGils as Escuela's first Head of School. To provide stability for Escuela del Sol, Ms. vanGils set as a priority the purchase of property to house the growing school.

A second campus at 1114 7th St. N.W. was added in 1985 to accommodate a new toddler program and the elementary school. With community support and careful planning, Escuela was able to purchase the property in January 1997. Realizing a long-term goal, Escuela purchased an adjacent property in 1999 to build a new Primary building and consolidate the school on one campus. August 2001 saw the completion of the new classroom building designed by architect Eileen Devereux.

Escuela's facilities include the historic red brick building known as The Harwood Art Center. In 1991 this art center was added to the repertoire of Escuela's educational programs to further serve the community. In recogntion of this program, Escuela del Sol received the 1995 Bravos! Award from the Albuquerque Arts Alliance for the school's support of the arts.

This summer Escuela celebrated its 40 years of service to the community. Escuela del Sol Montessori faces a bright future with ensured stability, growing recognition for its outstanding programs and wide spread community support


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