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At Escuela del Sol Montessori, the classroom is just the beginning. From 18 months through age 14, students are part of an interactive learning environment that nurtures creative thinking, collaboration and the self-direction children need for a meaningful, happy and successful future. It is pretty magical!

Education should enable children to recognize their potential to make a positive contribution to the world, and empower them to do so.



Escuela del Sol provides the best educational conditions available for holistic child development, in an environment where students, parents, and staff are treated with kindness and respect, and accepted as valued members of the school community.


Guiding Principles

The Montessori method provides a hopeful and possible framework to guide us toward an education relevant to today's needs. The polestar for our work at Escuela is the view of life as an intricate and inter-related whole, understanding that natural processes drive everything and with it, the assertion that everything I do affects you. Dr Montessori recognized the need for an integrated approach to the education of children.

Mission Statement

"To Inspire a Passion for Life-Long Learning."

At Escuela, we believe that all children have potential and an inherent passion for learning, and that teachers have a unique opportunity to fuel that passion into a lifelong pursuit. While the focus of most educational systems is on test scores, Escuela has a long-term holistic approach to education. Using innovative teaching methods, our school not only achieves academic excellence, we also nurture creative thinking and self-direction to truly prepare children to meet any future challenge or pursuit with confidence.

Our classrooms are stimulating, prepared environments in which children are provided the tools and freedom to experiment. In contrast to memorize/recall or competitive teaching methods, this positive, active approach develops self-motivation, self-discipline, and a true understanding of the abstract concepts that underscore critical thinking throughout life.

In our multi-age classrooms, with the support of our professionally trained Montessori teachers, children learn to collaborate, mentor and socialize with respect and empathy, traits that are further developed through participation in a variety of Escuela-sponsored community outreach programs.

As an extension of the core philosophy of the school, the Harwood Art Center offers adults and youths throughout the community an opportunity for self-enrichment through creative exploration and expression.

Escuela del Sol is the only Montessori school in New Mexico fully accredited by the American Montessori Society (AMS). Our Early Childhood programs are licensed through the State's Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD). We are members of the North American Montessori Teachers Association (NAMTA).

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