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Primary and Elementary Work Share
Feb. 28, 5:00 pm

Let your child share one or two of their favorite activities with you!

Primary: 5-6:30 p.m
Elementary: 5:30-7 pm.



Aerobic exercise and wide variety of cooperative games combined with team sports, such as basketball, soccer and volleyball, give students a wide range of skills and knowledge. In addition to weekly physical education classes, every class has scheduled outdoor activities every day.


Escuela del Sol offers Spanish language instruction to children ages 3 to 11. Starting at the Primary level, students have a weekly opportunity to listen to and become familiar with Spanish vocabulary and expressions through books, games and basic conversation. Children participate in Spanish circle, greeting the teacher and each other, and partake of simple readings and word games that initiate their exposure to Spanish.

At the Elementary level, students begin to acquaint themselves with the underlying structure of the language. Parts of speech and basic grammar are emphasized as well as the development of incipient writing skills. The essential aim of the exercises is to have the students make connections with the target language in other parts of their lives. We study vocabulary relevant to children and their environment, grouped in categories such as the family, the home, the school and classroom, food, the city, animals, parts of the body and many more. The students listen to stories, draw and label their own worksheets, make small books on the different subjects and engage in practicing their pronunciation during the weekly sessions. We often combine art and Spanish to give children a variety of ways to practice the language.


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